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The rules governing financial services in Europe changed with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) which came into effect on November 1, 2007. A key objective of MiFID is to harmonise investor protection and provide greater transparency in the investment services market.

Under this page you have the opportunity to consult the MiFID related information prepared by EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. for the benefit of its clients.

Information on Order Handling and Best Execution Policy

Information on Conflicts of Interest Policy


The Payment Services Directive (PSD) sets legal rules for providing effective and non-discriminatory access to payment systems for all payment services users. Key objectives of the PSD are the harmonisation of payment services in order to achieve a single market in the European Economic Area (EEA), the increase in transparency and security for clients.

Special Provisions for Payment Services

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In order to enable all types of investors to take informed investment decisions and to ensure comparability between UCITS of each EU Member State, the UCITS IV Directive requires banks to make the "Key Investor Information Document (KIID)" available to investors. This document, which includes appropriate information about the essential characteristics of the UCITS in a non-technical and comprehensible style, replaces the Simplified Prospectus from July 1, 2012 on.

Clients of EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. may find the latest version of the KIID pertaining to their personal investment under or under the below websites of the various management companies, for example by entering the ISIN number of their investment.

KIID weblinks

Nothing contained on this page should be considered as an offer, an invitation to offer or a recommendation to enter into any transaction or to invest into any UCITS fund or any other financial instrument in any jurisdiction. No representation, warranty or undertaking, express or implied, is given as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the KIIDs by EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. or its personnel and no liability is accepted by such persons for the accuracy of any such information.

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Recording of telephone conversations

With effect from June 7, 2012, a voice recording system has been implemented on fixed telephone lines of EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A.

The intended purpose of the system is to provide both counterparts with additional legal security with regard to negotiations, instructions or transactions. Recordings shall help to avoid and/or clarify misunderstandings or serve as a proof in case of litigation. As required by the Luxembourg personal data protection rules, the system and its implementation have been duly authorized by the relevant local authority, the CNPD (Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données).

Following EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A.'s retention policy, the recorded data will be destroyed after an archival storage of 3 years.